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Solarpower with a twist

GET IT, a company founded in Thailand 2008, has developed a more social and environmental friendly way to implement solar power parks.  GET IT has implemented many solar power plants, solar car parks and solar roof tops in Thailand.

Our Mission:

Let the word hunger have no meaning to all Children of the world by 2030.

Our Goal:

Get IT likes to establish a large number of small sustainable “electricity and food factories” around the world and preferable in countries where it is needed to most. 

Taking Africa as a perfect example, when 6GWp of these power plants are installed, all African people can eat fresh vegetables once per week.

These factories are capable of delivering labor, food and clean, stable electricity to the neighboring villages or cities with minimal tranmission losses.

In comparison, to today’s electrical grid systems, losses absorbs a substantial amount of energy (up to 35 %) by transporting electricity over a long and expensive cable netowork before it reaches the consumer.

By creating these self-supporting factories, power is produced and available where needed.


By arranging the solar panels in a straight lines from east to west, following the suns path across the earth, we essentially create a light tunnels beneath the solar panels, if rows are spaced out a wide enough. In this case, agriculture can continue and productive cropland will not be lost.

Most of today’s solar panels are capable, and guaranteed, to deliver electricity over a 25-year period and providing a long and lasting energy source that will operate well beyond its depreciation period. Although the output will reduce slowly over many years to 80% of its initial capability, the life time of the solar panels can easily exceed 40 years

By using existing productive cropland, maintenance can be managed by local farmers, keeping operating costs to a minimum.


Underneath the solar panels hydroponic can be installed. It’s tables and racks can be mounted on the colums of the solar system, while the solar panels are used as a roof, which intensively reduce the cost, compared that the greenhouse should be built separately.  While the panels blocking the sun, the ambience temperature is nice reduced, keeping the leaves green instead of yellow in areas with extensive sunlight.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is just a soil-less way of growing plants, where nutritious rich water providing the support and food to the vegetables, fruits or other greenery instead of soil.

Since hydroponics do not need any soil, but is based on water, nutrition’s, rockwool, gravel or ordinary beach sand, the quality of the soil underneath the system is of less importance and this system can also be installed on infertile land to harvest fruits or vegetables.

The speed (up to two times of soil-based cultivation) of growth combined with the control over the growing environment results higher crop quality. Soil borne pests and diseases are reduced dramatically, and weeding is a thing of the past.